About the app: Tailurd

Generate sewing patterns for skirts that fit you – perfectly

This sewing pattern generator is built with the intention to give you the perfect fit skirt pattern, always, no matter your measurements. You write in your measurements and the generator adapts its pattern to the information you provided. It is entirely free.

Get your free PDF and print at home

The generated pattern is directly downloadable as a Pdf. You can print your pattern on any desktop printer with A4 paper. The app does not currently support US letter format.

How do you sew a skirt from the downloaded pattern?

A video showing the process fro using Patturn and sewing is coming soon. In the mean time, here is a how-to:

  1. After you have filled in all of the required fields in Patturn, hit “Download ur patturn”.
  2. Print the first page of your pdf on A4 paper.
  3. Check the dimensions are right: the rectangle on the first page should measure exactly 5x5 cm.
  4. If it’s all good, print the rest of the document.
  5. Assemble the pages with glue or tape, following the puzzle instructions on the very last page of the pdf.
  6. Cut around the pattern.
  7. Pin the pattern on your fabric and cut your fabric following the pattern. Repeat this step as many times as indicated on your pattern. 1,5 cm sewing allowance is included.
  8. Now for the sewing: sew all the pieces together, add a zipper to close the skirt, sew the belt and the hem.
  9. Et voilà :-)

Future features

Here are some features that should come in the future:

  • possibility to switch to imperial system,
  • possibility to print on US-letter format,
  • more options to make ur own skirt,
  • more patterns.

Who made the app?

This app has been developed by @béatrice. Send your suggestions to make this app better or send sweet words :-)